Each cadet is provided a uniform free of charge.  Cadets are expected to care for the uniform and return it upon leaving the program.  A few weeks after starting the program, cadets will be sized for their uniform and will normally receive it a couple of weeks later.  As cadets grow, they can exchange uniform parts free of charge with an appointment with the supply staff.

NEW Cadet and Junior Canadian Ranger Dress Instructions.

C1A Ceremonial Dress

C2 Mess Dress

1. Introduction. This annex and Figure 6B-A to Figure 6B-F describe cadet mess dress.
2. C2 (mess dress) is an optional uniform for wear in lieu of C1 (ceremonial dress) when formal dress is considered appropriate.
3. Outerwear. The following outerwear may be worn or carried with mess dress as appropriate:
a. all-season jacket; and
b. gloves, black (worn with the all-season jacket for winter dress instructions).

C3 Service Dress

C3B Service Dress