Interested in Joining the Bradford Air Cadets?

Youth between the ages of 12 and 19 who are Canadian Citizens or Landed Immigrants are eligible to join the Canadian Cadet Program

Training Nights

In person training has resumed.  Currently, all cadets participating in in-person training must be vaccinated. Training will be conducted at the Bradford Legion from 6:45 to 9:30.  Cadets are expected to attend all training nights and to be on the floor formed up on time.

Training nights begin with an opening parade and attendance.  Cadets will then take part in various classes and activities.  The night will conclude with a closing parade and announcements.

Fees and Fundraising

All training is provided free of charge as is a uniform worth several hundred dollars.  Families are asked to support our program through various fundraising activities including the Air Cadet Lottery.


Uniforms are provided free of charge including exchanges as cadets grow.  Cadets are expected to maintain their uniforms and return them upon leaving the program.  The Supply page will contain information on ordering, exchanging and maintaining uniforms.

Summer Training

There are several opportunities for Summer Training from the two week General Training Course up to six week flying scholarships and international exchanges.  All Summer training is free of charge and cadets earn a training bonus of $60 per week during these camps.  Detailed criteria for the courses will be posted on the site later in the year.

The following forms should be completed and emailed to

Recruiting Package Overview
Recruiting Package Overview

Application Form
Application for Membership CF 11580_09-2012

Cadet Code of Conduct
Central Region Enhanced Code of Conduct

Information Disclosure
Collection Use and Disclosure of Personal Information-DND_2353