Air Cadet Activity Day (ACAD) – May 7th

Mark your calendars as the Air Cadet Activity Day is back! 16 Wing Borden has decided to move forward with planning to conduct ACAD this year. Over 650 Cadets across the Central Ontario Area will be participating in this event for a day of fun activities at CFB Borden. Lunch will be provided to you, however, please make sure to bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Your attendance for this event is MANDATORY and we ask that you make the necessary arrangements to attend this event. This is not an event that you would want to miss!

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  • Date: Saturday, May 7th
  • Dress: Sports Attire including clean footwear for indoor activities
    • No shoes with wheels or cleats are to be worn
    • No dresses or skirts are allowed
    • Bring extra pair of clean running shoes
  • Timings: 0800-1700hrs*  (Not including transportation time to and from CFB Borden)
    • Drop Off: NLT 0645hrs @ Legion (115 Back St, Bradford, ON L3Z 1W8)
    • Pick Up: NLT 1800hrs @ Legion (115 Back St, Bradford, ON L3Z 1W8)
  • Special Notes: Please bring your health card, epi-pen (if required), and COVID-19 Screening Result (
  • Bring a water bottle! You will have an opportunity to refill at the event.
  • Any questions should be directed to


  1. Displays: There will be a number of static displays available for the Cadets to view. Possible displays include CH136 Kiowa Light Observations Helicopter with aircraft propulsion displays, CT114 Tutor training aircraft with hydraulic systems displays, CF188 Fighter with Air Weapons displays, Avionics Systems displays, Aircraft Structures displays, Aircraft Structures displays with Life Support Equipment and Basic Electrical and Electronics displays
  2. Museum: A museum visit along with a scavenger hunt activity is organized for all Cadets to participate
  3. Confidence Course: An indoor Confidence Course will be established on the running track of the Buell Gym fieldhouse. An opportunity to participate in the Confidence Course will be offered to as many Cadets as possible
  4. Famil Flight: There is a possibility of hosting a familiarization flight for the Cadets and Staff. The airframe has not been determined yet and will be dependent on the availability of aircraft and weather on the day of the event. Groups will be split further down (between 6 to 12 cadets) and assigned timings for their famil flight
  5. Wall Climbing:  The Sports Competition and Wall Climbing activity are organized for all Cadets to participate
  6. Rifle Competition:  Identified Senior Cadets (over the age of 16) will have the opportunity to fire the C7 rifle using the Small Arms Trainer (SAT)
  7. Theory of Flight Presentation:  The Aerodynamics and Engineering Presentation is a portion of the Aircraft Famil activity
  8. AMF: Cadets will take turns pulling the Tutor down the taxiway while being supervised and monitored by AMF personnel
  9. Sports:  Team sports will be organized for the cadets to participate