Tagging – April 29 to April 30

Tag days are back! Cadets will have an opportunity to represent 37 Orville Hand squadron within the community and showcase what the Air Cadet Program is all about. Cadets will be standing outside of stores within Bradford along with a tagging box in an effort to raise funds to support all the extracurricular activities that we do during the training year!

Please note that tagging is MANDATORY, and you are required to sign up for a minimum of 2 shifts. To sign up for your shifts, click on the “Sign Up!” button below.

Sign Up!


  • Dress: C3 (Tunic, Tie, and Dress Shirt)
  • Location: Meet at Legion
    • Parents will need to drive you to your location and pick you up from the location. Please read the next bullet for more information.


  • Each cadet will be required to report to the Legion to collect materials, then must have their own transportation to the location chosen for them at the start of their shift. They will then need to be picked up from their assigned location, and deliver the materials and funds raised back to the Legion.
  • You are REQUIRED to sign up and attend two shifts. You are welcome to sign up for more shifts.
  • Cadets who sign up for a full day shift (Saturday Morning + Afternoon) will be provided lunch.
  • Please bring your health card, epi-pen (if required), and COVID-19 Screening Result (https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/)
  • Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up.
  • Any questions should be directed to CO@bradfordaircadets.ca