A bunch of changes to the site.

Well, it may not look like it at first, but I’ve spent a few solid days working on the site to make it more ueseable to cadets and their families. A lot of the work has been in the background, but there are a number of changes up front as well.

The main pages have all been updated with the most recent information

Some images have been changed and resized to make them more efficient

a bunch of new buttons added for consistency

A new attendance page has been added with links on the front page, the admin page and the contact page

A number of broken links or dead pages have been corrected

A new Poll page has been added

Some changes to user access based on accounts. We have had a few bots register and have had some of our community register in ways that were not in line with what we requested. In the new year, we will be sending home a parent/cadet website registration form. When it is returned, new access will be granted to the site.

An online event registration system has been set up. Once parents have an account using the form above, they will be able to sign up cadets online and not need the paper forms.

The Snowtubing event and sign up page have been added.

A template has been created for posting event information

The cadet resource page has been updated with a few links

A weekly announcement page has been added. The page will detail the dress of the week, the training schedule and any other necessary information.

A page has been updated to solicit designs for our new crest. We will conduct a vote on the submissions next month.

A bunch of other bits and pieces but most of it minor.

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