Weekly Training Plans

2 April Online Training

Training links are being sent through our mailing list and will not be published on the webpage for security reasons. If you are not on the mailing list, please contact your level instructor by email BEFORE the training session. Contact information is listed below.

Before you begin:

1. It is a good idea to download the Zoom app rather than running from a browser.  It is just more reliable. 

2.  Try to experiment with Zoom before the test session so that you know everything works.  Zoom has created some tutorials at https://zoom.us/docs/en-us/covid19.html

2. Use either your first and last name, or rank and last name.  When we are doing attendance, we don’t want to try and figure out who “7333tgamer37” is…

3. respect the instructors and the class.  It is best to mute your microphone when you start and only unmute it if you are asked to speak. Do not engage in the chat unless it is meaningful to the lesson.

4. if you do not have a microphone or camera, you can still participate.  There is a dial in phone number that can be used, and a chat application attached.

5. Try to log into the test session at 7PM.  We would like to work out any tech challenges there before the classes start.

6.  Make sure you sign in on time.  Attendance is being taken at the beginning of the class.

Level Instructors

Level One

Instructor:  FCpl Case
[email protected]

Level 2

Instructor:  CV Sellars
[email protected]

Level 3

Instructor:  CV Mazor
[email protected]

Level 4

Instructor:  Capt Johnson
[email protected]

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