Fall Field Training Excercise


On the weekend of 26 to 28 October, 37 will be participating in our first FTX.  An FTX is a mandatory component of training where cadets will learn a variety of skills related to outdoor survival.

The activity will take place at Blackdown Park at CFB Borden.  Cadets will be transported by bus to and from the site.  All food and accommodations are provided for.

Please print the permission form at the bottom of the page and hand it in on Thursday.


EVENT: 37 Flight will conduct a Field Training Exercise at CFB Borden
Cost: Free
Start Time 1745 (5:45PM) 26 October 2018
End Time 1700 (5:00PM) 28 October 2018
Drop Off Point Fieldcrest Elementary School
Pick Up Point Fieldcrest Elementary School
Coordinating Details Cadets are to ensure they have all of the items on the kit list.  Cadets must have their health card in their possession. This is an outdoor activity.  Cadets must be ready for the weather!


All cadets must bring the following:

  • Health card (MANDATORY)
  • Pillow & Warm Sleeping Bag
  • Towel and Hygiene kit (deodorant, toothpaste/brush, hair products, etc.)
  • Rain gear/ Winter Jacket, Hat, Mitts
  • Water bottle & Mug for Hot Chocolate
  • Running Shoes
  • Outdoor footwear (waterproof)
  • Change of clothes for 4 days (in case of rain – lots of dry clothes & extra socks)
  • Sunscreen
  • Flash light
  • Level 4-5’s: Pen & notepad
  • Level 5 Instructors only: 1 multi-tool or survival knife. The blade must not exceed 4 inches or 10 cm.
  • OPTIONAL Cadet Field Clothing (Combat Clothing)
    • Combats are optional, cadets are not required to wear them on field training exercises
    • The Squadron will not reimburse the cost to purchase combats for any reason
    • Combats must be solid olive green Canadian Pattern, the wearing of other military patterns, including camouflage or CADPAT is not permitted.
    • When wearing combats, you must wear a “full kit”, a full kit would include, a headdress (beret, Sqn Baseball cap, Tilly hat or toque) a tunic/jacket, blue t-shirt, pants & boots. The only exception is a civilian winter jacket may be worn in cold conditions.

Cadet are NOT allowed to bring: knives, laptop computers, tablets, game systems or other electronic devices. Cadet may bring their cell phone, at their own risk.

This is an outdoor activity and cadets are expected to dress for the weather.