Air Cadet Field Training Uniforms

This year we will be issuing cadets with the Air Cadet Training Uniform. This uniform will be in addition to the blue dress uniform that cadets currently wear. The FTU will consist of a jacket, pants and boots.

To facilitate ordering the FTU for each cadet, the supply officer requires current sizing for every currently registered cadet at 37 Sqn. Cadets can submit their sizes using the button at the end of this page. Please review the technical instructions before submitting the form.


Measurements should be taken by an adult. Individuals being measured should remove bulky items such as wallets/cell phone from their
pockets. They should NOT stand at the “ATTENTION” position. All measurements should be taken close but not too tight.

Important: The Height, Chest and Waist measurements must be taken in inches and the foot measurements (length and width) must be
taken in millimeters.


  1. Remove shoes.
  2. Stand straight with heels together, with your back up against
    a wall. Make sure your head is touching the wall.
  3. Take a flat and rigid tool (e.g: a wooden
    ruler) and place it flat on the head up against the wall. Make
    sure the tool is at a 90° angle with the wall, and make a mark
    on the wall with a pencil.
  4. Measure in a straight line from the floor to the mark on the
    wall (Figure 11).


Lift the arms, place tape around the chest at the largest part with
tape parallel to the floor, place arms down to the sides and take
the measurement (Figures 1A & 1B).


  1. This measurement is taken directly against the skin, but you
    must wear slacks while taking it in order to determine your
    belt line (Do not use low rise slacks).
  2. Wrap the tape around the waist at the belt line, inserting it
    between the slacks and skin (Figures 2B & 2C). The tape
    should be snug against the skin, but not tight.
  3. The correct measurement is the number that lines up with the
    edge of the tape.


  1. Take a blank sheet of paper and a ruler. While standing wearing
    regular socks, place one foot flat on the paper.
  2. Foot length: Using the ruler, draw a line at the level of the heel
    and another at the level of the longest toe. Measure the exact
    distance between the two lines in
  3. Foot Width: With the ruler, mark the widest point of the foot on
    both sides. Measure the exact distance between the two lines
    in millimeters.
  4. Repeat both measurements with the other foot, as the two
    feet are often not exactly the same length.
  5. Use the longer of the two foot lengths measured and the
    wider of the two widths measured.

Virtual Summer Training

37 Squadron Cadets have the opportunity to participate in Virtual Cadet Summer Training. This page explains the courses available and the process for applying. THIS INFORMATION IS VERT TIME SENSITIVE! Apply today if you would like to attend!

Download the Course Schedule

This summer Virtual Cadet Training Centres will help deliver exciting challenges and activities for cadets. Throughout the summer they will offer different opportunities for cadets to further develop both personal and cadet skills in a new, virtual setting. Cadets will have the opportunities to participate in flexible, voluntary training opportunities either independently at their own pace or in facilitated sessions. This summer will be about engagement and flexibility while continuing to focus on the cadet experience.

Five Weeks of Training Opportunities

Cadets will be able to take five weeks of distance learning activities during the summer, for about two to three hours per week. The choice of the 22 activities is the same as those offered on the “Cadet Activities” portal on the Extranet and posted on the Cadet Learning / Apprentissage des cadets Facebook page, and detailed in the Virtual CTC course Schedule (See attached as well) Registration for these activities will open on Monday, 29 June at 1100hrs EST and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. In order for cadets to register for these activities, Cadets will need to send an email to their Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) with the following information: 


To Register for a course, send and email to including the following information:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Corps / Squadron Number
  • Corps / Squadron element (Air)
  • Name of the activity you wish to register for.
  • Dates of serial you wish to register for.
  • The language you would like the activity delivered in;
  • Phone number (will be use as a second factor authentication for your online account)
  • A email address that the cadet has access to; and
  • Instrument selection for cadets registering for the music course

The email must be from an email address that you can access at any time (not a parent address with limited access)

REGISTRATION STARTS AT 11 AM MONDAY 29 JUNE.  Any registrations before this time will be discarded.  Cadets will be selected first come, first served.

Details and Amplifying Information

Cadets’ email must be sent from their personal email address or an email that they can access.  A parent email, that the cadet cannot access, should not be used. 

Cadets will be contacted once they are loaded on an activity, and provided instructions on how to log in to the learning tools required to participate in the activity. 

Additional Tools and Resources

Here are the new resources and tools available to take advantage of these new opportunities: Extranet portal – Cadet ActivitiesYou will find here a list of activities to suggest to your cadets grouped under several themes: healthy living, financial awareness, construction activities, citizenship, cyber & media awareness and Do-It-Yourself activities (DIY).  These are all individual activities and are self-paced. Extranet portal – Leading ActivitiesThis portal is intended for staff cadets and offers leadership and teaching development activities. Extranet Portal – CIC/COATS ActivitiesThis portal is intended for COATS members and civilian instructors. Here you will find planning tools, activities and readings for continuing education. Members are invited to make suggestions for additions to this section. Facebook Page – Cadet Learning / Cadet LearningThis Facebook page is designed to share the latest news on the activities available on extranet and maximize participation. On this page, surveys are also posted online to find out what cadets think about their favourite activities. This page is bilingual. Throughout the summer, the page will follow cadet summer training as a CTC page would. The National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group takes pride in delivering high-quality training and experiences where youth lead youth, and this summer is no different –staff cadets and adult leaders selected for summer training will continue to work at delivering unique and challenging online experiences for our Cadets, in a new virtual environment. These same staff will be responsible for facilitating and following up with cadets during their training. 

We thank you, once again, for your patience, resilience and understanding in these unprecedented times.

COVID-19 Update


During this time of “social distancing,” cadets will not be meeting at Fieldcrest or participating in any activities which require cadets, staff or parents to be exposed to the risk of infection.

To receive the most current information and updates, please ensure you are on our email list. If you received the email about the online lessons, you are on the list. If not, please contact the Commanding Officer to ensure that you have your email added.\

Stay in touch, we are still conducting some fun activities online!

Contact your level officer:

Level One

Instructor:  FCpl Case

Level 2

Instructor:  CV Sellars

Level 3

Instructor:  CV Mazor

Level 4

Instructor:  Capt Johnson

Stay safe! We hope to see everyone together soon.

Jack’s Urban Jungle

12 March 2020

Jacks Urban Jungle
Cost: Free
Start Time: 1800 12 March 2020
End Time: 2130 12 March 2020
Drop Off Point: Fieldcrest ES
Pick Up Point: Fieldcrest ES
Coordinating Details: Dinner will be provided on the bus.

Cadets must bring:
-Clean, closed-toed indoor running shoes.
-Water bottle – we have free Water Cooler in the park
-Hair tie if required
-Health Card
-Please advise of dietary restrictions on the sign up page.

Information/images about the event