37 Orville Hand Squadron Effective Speaking Program

The Effective Speaking (ES) program provides an opportunity for Air Cadets to find their voice and build self-confidence through practice, instruction, and competition. Annually, top speakers at the squadron level compete at the regional ES competition. During the provincial ES competition, the top regional speakers deliver prepared speeches and most excitingly, speak off-the-cuff like pros.

The aims of the program are as follows:

  1. To provide an opportunity for Air Cadets to increase their self-confidence; and increase their ability to reason, organize and express ideas.
  2. To promote the citizenship component of local squadron training.
  3. To provide a focus at the Local, Regional/Wing, Provincial/Territorial, and National levels, to promote and encourage Air Cadets to participate in an optional activity that will provide them with an opportunity to acquire effective speaking skills through instruction and practice in a structured and competitive environment.

In the following lines, you will find the Effective Speaking themes for 2023 that were chosen by the new National Effective Speaking Team.

  • What is the relevancy of the monarchy in Canada to the Air Cadet program in this post Jubilee year?
  • What is the impact of space junk?
  • What do you think about man building an outpost on the moon? (or How useful would an outpost be on the Moon or Mars?)
  • What is the future of aviation as it relates to unmanned vehicles?
  • Should we re-write history when we find out new information? (or What is cancel culture and should it be relevant?)
  • How environmentally friendly are electric vehicles?
  • What should be society’s priorities?
  • What does it mean to buy local?
  • What is sustainable energy?
  • Cadet Choice: must fit into one of these categories: Cadet Life; Science and Technology; Aviation; Canadian History or Citizenship

Cadets will be required to meet once a week as a group to prepare, practice, and rehearse prior to the Squadron Level competition. Date and location will be determined and will be communicated by CI Mercado.

If you are interested in signing up for the Effective Speaking program, please contact CI Mercado (admin@bradfordaircadets.ca) by email before Wednesday, December 7th

For more information, please see review the resources below:

Air Cadet League of Canada – National Effective Speaking Program
Effective Speaking Cadet Workbook