Air Cadet Field Training Uniforms

This year we will be issuing cadets with the Air Cadet Training Uniform. This uniform will be in addition to the blue dress uniform that cadets currently wear. The FTU will consist of a jacket, pants and boots.

To facilitate ordering the FTU for each cadet, the supply officer requires current sizing for every currently registered cadet at 37 Sqn. Cadets can submit their sizes using the button at the end of this page. Please review the technical instructions before submitting the form.


Measurements should be taken by an adult. Individuals being measured should remove bulky items such as wallets/cell phone from their
pockets. They should NOT stand at the “ATTENTION” position. All measurements should be taken close but not too tight.

Important: The Height, Chest and Waist measurements must be taken in inches and the foot measurements (length and width) must be
taken in millimeters.


  1. Remove shoes.
  2. Stand straight with heels together, with your back up against
    a wall. Make sure your head is touching the wall.
  3. Take a flat and rigid tool (e.g: a wooden
    ruler) and place it flat on the head up against the wall. Make
    sure the tool is at a 90° angle with the wall, and make a mark
    on the wall with a pencil.
  4. Measure in a straight line from the floor to the mark on the
    wall (Figure 11).


Lift the arms, place tape around the chest at the largest part with
tape parallel to the floor, place arms down to the sides and take
the measurement (Figures 1A & 1B).


  1. This measurement is taken directly against the skin, but you
    must wear slacks while taking it in order to determine your
    belt line (Do not use low rise slacks).
  2. Wrap the tape around the waist at the belt line, inserting it
    between the slacks and skin (Figures 2B & 2C). The tape
    should be snug against the skin, but not tight.
  3. The correct measurement is the number that lines up with the
    edge of the tape.


  1. Take a blank sheet of paper and a ruler. While standing wearing
    regular socks, place one foot flat on the paper.
  2. Foot length: Using the ruler, draw a line at the level of the heel
    and another at the level of the longest toe. Measure the exact
    distance between the two lines in
  3. Foot Width: With the ruler, mark the widest point of the foot on
    both sides. Measure the exact distance between the two lines
    in millimeters.
  4. Repeat both measurements with the other foot, as the two
    feet are often not exactly the same length.
  5. Use the longer of the two foot lengths measured and the
    wider of the two widths measured.