Great Introductory Training Night!

Twenty two cadets joined us on our first full training night on 13 September!  Despite most of them being on a parade floor for the first time, they performed their drill with precision!  We spent some time learning about the cadet program in general and some of the opportunities that our cadets will have over the coming years.  It is exciting to think that these new recruits will be the leaders of tomorrow.  Our NCOs performed their roles wonderfully on the parade square and offered some great support to our recruits during class.

As it was the first night, all cadets were sponsored for a free snack at Canteen during break.  During parade nights we will continue to offer some snacks and drinks for 50 cents to a dollar for any cadets that would like a bit of food or drink between periods.

A reminder of timings:

Opening parade starts at 6:30.  it is important to be on the floor ready for attendance at that time.

Closing parade is at 9PM  Parents are invited to join us in the gym to close the evening and to hear any announcements that might be made.

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